Sleep experts Zissou invited The End to create a product film about their new line of mattresses. The goal of the film was to show an in depth look into the technology behind the products but also create a sensory experience for the viewers.

The film had to work both as an all-encompassing film for the brand as well as being edited down to each product line separately. 

We had a blast creating this one, hope you enjoy :)
Production Company: The End
Direction: Rodrigo Gusmão
Post Production Coordinator: Bruna de la Fuente
Project manager: Tunay Canepari
Producers: Lucas Garcia, Santiago Acosta Cis
Art Direction: Rodrigo Gusmão
3D Modeling: Leo Sakamoto
Design & Lookdev: Enzo Kinukawa, Vinicius Lavor
Animation: Marcelo Junior, Vinicius Lavor
Motion 2D: Paulo Valentim
Sound Mix: Leon Mosditchian
Executive Producers: Duda Izique e Helena Jardim
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